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Glued of closed tape.

Closing tape.

Closing tape.

Closing tape.


The Agro Adhesivo products in its three presentations, Patches, Repair Tapes and Closing Tapes, Silo Bag, are an effective and immediate solution for the repair of small and large breakages, to close both ends, in a totally hermetic way, since To conserve the quality of the grains avoiding that they get wet is essential in the storage in Silo Bags.


Silo bag break.

Patch for breakage.

Silo bag break.

Repair tape.

Uses + Additional information

Silo patch

It was designed to repair small sectors damaged by the action of rodents, hail, drilling for draft or sampling. It is an immediate, efficient and safe solution that allows you to re-conserve the beans in the best conditions inside the bag.

Use: Clean the surface near the damaged area, remove the silicone paper from the AGROA ADHESIVO patch, place it covering the break by pressing firmly.

Repair tape

After identifying the damaged area of the silo, clean the vicinity of it and place the Agro Adhesivo repair tape around the break.

Press the silicone paper and then remove it. Cut out a piece of silo, already used, of such dimensions as to cover the affected area. Clean, dry with black face inwards.

Press firmly to ensure correct fixing and then trim the excess to make the repair more tedious.

Closing tape

Clean the adhesive surface, apply the AGRO ADHESIVO sealing tape and press firmly to ensure adhesion.

Remove the silicone paper with one hand while pressing the bag silo against the closure tape.

Make a fold at the end so that the weight of the filling falls on the closure made.

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